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This Blog is about a month late so please keep in mind that the chart, comparisons, and comments are based on numbers generated in June and compared to May.  I will attempt to get this train back on the tracks by posting July’s chart with comparisons to June numbers soon…

June, 2016 Juneau Real Estate, # of listings, # DOM

Single Family Homes –  There are 5 more more Active, 3 less Pending and 8 more Sold listings for this group. The DOM decreased by 8 for Active, increased by 10 for Pending, and decreased by 16 days for the Sold listings.  The Market still appears to be trending up with more sold than the previous month but the drop in Pending sales coupled with a net increase in Active listings may point to a downward trend in the near future for Single Family Home sales.

Condos – The number of condos Active and Pending dropped by a total of 7 while the number sold went up by 2.  The DOM remains volatile for Condos.  It almost seems that continuing to comment on this is pointless because there does not seem to be a pattern or trend as far as DOM is concerned.  The condo market is fairly healthy based on the numbers month in and month out.

Attached Homes – There are 3 more Active, 2 more Pending, and the same amount of Sold listings compared to last month.  The DOM for Active and Pending listings both dropped by 7, while Sold listing DOM went up by 6.  The attached home market is still steady with a lot of Activity but over time, the amount of Active listings has been creeping upward indicating that there is a slight slow down.

Conclusions – Activity overall is steady, with a slight trend upward over the last month but seems to be slowing down.  The DOM, when averaged across all categories has continued dropping but at a slower rate as well.  The Juneau Real Estate market typically has a couple of “slow” times during the summer so hopefully this is one of those.  Affordable inventory continues to be a problem and has the most competition amongst Buyers. 

For you Owners out there that are thinking about selling your home, please contact us for a free market analysis…we would appreciate the opportunity to meet and work with you through the home sale process.

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About this Blog: Every month I will update this blog to let everyone know how Juneau residential real estate property trends are developing for Single Family Homes, Condos, and Attached Homes based on the information I have access to.  The goal is to update the blog by the first week of the current month with info gleaned from the previous month.  I may expand this in this future, especially if readers comment and let me know what they would like to see.  I explained some things about the above table in the first Blog Post dated January 22, 2015 so please refer to that post if you have questions about how the information is presented.  Thank you for reading…

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