Buyer Representation Explained

Buyer Representation benefits

  • Representation of your interests exclusively
  • Professional expertise and effort in helping you attain your goal
  • Free to you because we are paid by the sellers commission contract

Buyer Representation – in Plain English

What we do for everyone we deal with:

  1. Use reasonable skill and care in our relationships
  2. Act honestly and fairly with everyone
  3. Provide any written communications as soon as we can
  4. Reveal any important information about the condition of a property
  5. Keep track of money and property in our care

What we do as your Buyer’s Representative:

  1. Everything listed above
  2. Never do or say anything that is against your interests
  3. Tell you about any conflicts of interest we have as soon as we know about them
  4. Tell you if a matter is beyond our expertise and recommend that you find an expert for advice about that matter
  5. Keep all confidential information private, even after our relationship ends, unless you give us permission to reveal it, or we are ordered by a court or subpoena to release
  6. Keep working faithfully on your behalf to accomplish your real estate goals. Once you sign a contract to purchase a property we work to complete the purchase successfully


We can act as your Buyer’s Representative for any property you find when searching the MLS on our website search, unless it is a Juneau Real Estate listing. We can act as your Buyer’s Representative when the property is listed as “for sale by the owner” when the owner signs a For Sale By Owner Commission Agreement.

The legal version of real estate representation is spelled out in the ALASKA REAL ESTATE COMMISSION CONSUMER PAMPHLET