“Rose and I want to thank you for handling the sale of our WORLD FAMOUS RED DOG SALOON. We wish to say that it was indeed a pleasure working with someone so receptive to varied and creative marketing concepts and professionalism. After almost 35 years in the business we are grateful for the rest and will look forward to working with you again in the future when we begin looking for the future investments in real estate.”

Red Dog Saloon

“Your timely flow of communications kept us feeling comfortable that things were steadily moving forward, and the coordination of the final repairs saved us countless hours and untold hair-pulling. Please extend our thanks to your contractors for their prompt attention to the job that allowed us to close that sale in a timely way.”

Association of Alaska School Boards

“John – It’s taken me too long to get around to this, but now that we’ve all sorted things out, I guess it’s never too late for a heartfelt THANK YOU for all your help during the past ten years, and particularly the last two-plus years since we lost Ralph. You and Chris, and more recently Sheri, took things in stride and offered construction suggestions, not to mention temporary financial support, during a time when we and our “new” partners were getting to know and understand each other and find ways to do, together, what needed to be done. Thanks for your patience and professionalism, but also for calmly moving things forward to a satisfactory conclusion when you knew others were impatient. Although we never expect to need your professional services again, and not ever get back to Juneau, Carol and I want you to know how much your efforts have been appreciated. We’ll continue to think of you as a valued friend”

“We want to thank you so much for all your help finding and buying our new home! What luck that we picked JRE to show us the house on 6th Street all those months ago. Your knowledge and availability to guide and support us through this process was truly invaluable. Buying a house is pretty stressful but at no point did we come up with a question or concern that you were not able to answer or address, not matter what time of day or day of week. Our enthusiasm and inexperience likely didn’t make us the easiest clients at times, so we especially appreciate your dedication to making us feel comfortable and prepared for each step. You were always looking out for our best interests while also helping us make this transition one that felt good for both parties.”

“Thank you very much for holding my hand, hugs of reassurance and over-the-top guidance through the maze of selling my condo. You are the best!”

“Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on the prospect of natural gas for Juneau, as well as oil consumption data for your Jordan Creek Center and Willow Park facilities. The type of input that you provided is critical to our assessment of the feasibility of natural gas for Southeast Alaska, and we greatly appreciate your perspective.”