Single Family Home Sales August-October 2017

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SINGLE FAMILY HOME SALES: AUG-OCT 2017 There were markedly more listings in 2017 for the Aug-Oct 2017 period, 102 vs 66 in 2016. More listings did not translate into more sales. Only 48% (49 of 102) listings sold in 2017. In the Aug-Oct 2016 period 90% (60 out of 66) of listed homes sold. Days to market were better in … Read More

Single Family Home Sales May-July 2017

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SINGLE FAMILY & ATTACHED HOME SALES: MAY TO JULY 2017 The past 3 months of Single Family and Attached home sales are notably different compared to the same period in 2016 in two ways: In spite of a nearly identical number of listings, 121 this year vs. 122 last year, sales volume dropped by half or more in every price range–42 … Read More

Tips To Be Successful as a Senior Homebuyer

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Guest article by Jim Vogel Photo courtesy of Unsplash by Angelina Litvin   Growing older is often something people complain about or even fear. It doesn’t help that stereotypes and misconceptions about getting older seem to be rampant within our society. Luckily, the truth is that aging doesn’t have to be something that we dread. In fact, it brings many … Read More

Single Family Home Sales – Jan-April

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In spite of fewer sales and longer days to market, prices for Single Family and Attached Homes have held their value from January to April 2017 when compared to the same period in 2016. The first 4 months of 2017 show a slowdown of sales due to an overall reduction in homes listed for sale (“reduced inventory” in Realtor-speak). Fewer … Read More

Affordable Housing For Seniors: Overcoming Challenges And Utilizing Resources

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Seniors often find themselves facing difficult decisions when it comes to living arrangements during their golden years. Some people choose to buy a new home in order to move into a place that is easier to maintain or navigate, while others may relocate in order to be closer to grown children and their grandchildren. Regardless of the reason for buying … Read More

Juneau Neighborhoods – Downtown

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BETTER KNOW A NEIGHBORHOOD Similar to the “Better Know a District” feature on the “Stephen Colbert Report” comedy show, here is the first installment of an insider’s view of Juneau’s various neighborhoods. Without his writing team and gift for humor, this is going to be a mostly factual (but hopefully not too dry) look at some of the characteristics and … Read More


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There’s never a good time for change. But, there’s no time like the present to fend off the baggage that keeps you from aspiring to and reaching new achievements. Life can certainly seem metaphorical, but at its roots the metaphor provides us the new perspective to see the rightness in change. What the heck is a real estate company doing … Read More